To perform an automatic acknowledgement and log in for a local OAuth2.0 app, run by httr, wrap the expression that obtains the OAuth2.0 token in oauth2_httr_login().




Expression that calls httr::oauth2.0_token(), either directly, or indirectly.


The return value of expr.


In interactive sessions, oauth2_httr_login() overrides the browser option, and when httr opens a browser page, it calls oauth2_login() in a subprocess.

In non-interactive sessions, httr does not open a browser page, only messages the user to do it manually. oauth2_httr_login() listens for these messages, and calls oauth2_login() in a subprocess.

See also

See ?vignette("oauth", package = "webfakes") for a case study that uses this function.

Other OAuth2.0 functions: oauth2_login(), oauth2_resource_app(), oauth2_third_party_app()